Newsletter Extra December 8 2008

Extra Newsletter -
December 8, 2008

I thought you might like this "Italian Grandma" Story we just received from one of our readers.
The Wonderful Smell of Grandma's House 

My grandmother has been gone now for many years but the wonderful smell of walking into a good Italian restaurant takes me right back to her kitchen and all the memories.

As many Italian families did we all gathered at grandma's house after mass on Sunday. When you walked in the door you were always over come with the smell of sauces simmering on the stove and strong Italian cheese. It made you hungry just to come in the door.

We lived in southern California at the time and would eat on large tables in the backyard under the trees. I still remember my older cousin diligently grating the fresh cheese for the meal at the kitchen table until he had worked up a sweat. There were as many as 30 of us at the house at a time with the kids playing in the backyard and the woman in the kitchen cooking, the men visiting in the living room.
My youngest memories of my grandmother are when I was only about three years old and she was in our kitchen making pasta. It was the job of us kids to take the strips and lay them out on the table cloth with flour on it. In my memory those strips were three feet long draping over my arms but of course the weren't I was just so small.

I still love to make traditional Italian dishes. My children are grown now but I was making sauce for everyone coming for dinner and I looked at my daughter as I took the aroma in and said it smell like my Grandmother's kitchen. She say no it smell like my Mom's kitchen. I knew then that I had made that wonderful warm memory for my daughter that I had felt as a child and still feel.

Patricia DeNardo
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